What Is It? is link redirect and marketing analytics service that solves the brand dilution and click loss caused by all other tracking link services. The technology also has the potential to solve the blocking of website analytics caused by ad blockers and the dashboard fatigue caused by setting up marketing tracking and having data spread across too many dashboards.

My Role:

I am the founder and software designer. I also coded the first version, then managed remote developers for future versions. I also wrote the content for, designed, and coded the sales sites.

I'm a HUGE fan of I've been a full-time marketer for the past 5 years and this is already proven to be one of my favorite tools.

Whoever designed the look and feel of this interface is really talented by the way. It is clean and so easy to read, etc. Love it!

Rusty Moore, Client for 3 years

What I Did:

Many years ago, there was no business model in link redirects and link redirect scripts were free bonuses. In 2006, I entered the market with $250 link redirect software, and did $850K in sales in the first year, competing against free alternatives. This created the link redirect service market. is the first hybrid link analytics service, which works partially on client's own servers, and partially as a SaaS. This required creating a number of new technologies including a server-to-server installer to remove the barrier to entry.


Well known professional marketers have been using for over 10 years.

It's unique approach allows them to create tracking links that brand their websites as well as using short links, secondary domains, and domain redirects. Other unique features allow them to track each marketing effort with clean looking links, without setting up multiple tracking links. They get 34% more clicks than when they use standard style short links and can watch their marketing live.

You can try for free at