What Is It?

PhocusPRO is a progressive web app written in Laravel and VueJS, designed to help professional photographers sell much more of their work to their clients, during in-person sales sessions. The current standard in this space is Windows software, difficult to use, and very dated looking.

My Role:

I was brought in after several development companies had tried and failed to realize the founder's vision. I endend up joining as a co-founder, with complete autonomy to design everything and produce the product.

Design: I started by designing over 60 screens for the web and tablet app, starting with hand-drawn sketches on my iPad, then several iterations of high fidelity mockups in Sketch, followed by animated prototypes in PrincipleForMac.

Management: I interviewed, hired, and have been managing the developers to create version 1 of the app, testing, and making refinements as we go.

Marketing: I also conceived of, designed, wrote, and produced all the marketing materials so far. This includes the sales site, explainer video, pricing, and a viral waiting list, an ebook called The P.H.O.C.U.S. Method, an annual photographer's survery, onboarding sequences, blog articles, etc.


The app is beautiful, and clearly stands out from the competition. We have just put the site live for the first time and are started telling people about the upcoming beta.