What Is It?

PhocusPRO is a progressive web app written in Laravel and VueJS, designed to help professional photographers sell much more of their work to their clients, during in-person sales sessions. The current standard in this space is Windows software, difficult to use, and very dated looking.

My Role:

I was brought in after several companies had failed to realize the founder's vision, and was eventually given complete autonomy to design everything and produce the product.

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Stephanie Krupicka

What I Did:

With minimal instruction, I started by designing over 60 screens for the web and tablet app and about a dozen custom icons. I started with hand-drawn sketches on my iPad, then several iterations of high fidelity mockups in SketchApp, followed by animated prototypes in PrincipleForMac.

I also designed and wrote the content for the sales sites, including producing an intro video from scratch, including the voiceover. I also wrote all the onboarding material and blog articles to explain the problems we're solving.

I also interviewed, hired, and am managing the developers to create the app.


The service is nearing a beta release, at which point, a viral waiting list campaign will be launched.