InGamer Sports

What Is It?

InGamer was a very ambitious startup with a working fantasy sports game that had longer user engagement times than Facebook. The concept was that during live games, players could compete with sportscasters and other audience members, updating their fantasy roster for the game throughout the game. It would have redefined sports.

Part of the investor facing website I designed, wrote, and coded:

My Role:

InGamer has just raised seed capital and I was the first hire, having worked with the founder at two other companies. They brought me on to transform their game into something that looked professional.

John and I have been professional colleagues for twenty years, often seeking out each other's advice and feedback on jobs, products, and direction. I worked for two of his companies where I often witnessed his skill at solving large problems and thinking far outside the box.

Most recently I hired him to do some interface architecture work on my sports gaming product. I sought him out because of the need to convey a large amount of statistical data and interaction points in a manner that worked on every device size from mobile to desktop -- and still look attractive.

John actively sought out feedback to understand our product, market conditions, and customers, and succeeded in designing a product that gave our investors confidence and wowed our audience. We extended the contract to also design and write ads and our beautiful investor facing site.

Simon de Boer (Co-Founder of InGamer)

What I Did:

I created nearly 100 Balsamiq mockups to work out how to best design the mobile app while adhering to the design restraints, and a handful of more detailed photoshop mockups. Then, I switched roles to product manager to direct the graphic artist and developers to create the new version. I also took over part of the communications, creating a beautiful investor website and working with national advertising partners.


Everyone loved the new version, especially the investors, and I was offered a C-level position. However, just as we were getting going, a national hockey strike cut the legs under us and there wasn't enough runway to survive it. InGamer eventually shut down, even though it had many loyal users.