All Votes Count Canada

What Is It? is a network of citizen groups from local ridings across Canada, each petitioning their individual MPs to bring Local Proportional Representation to Parliament. This model is our best chance for electoral reform.

My Role:

I was recommended to the project leaders by a previous co-worker, in part due to previous technical work in political circles. I immediately joined as their CTO.

John Reel has been an invaluable resource for All Votes Count Canada. In a few short weeks he created a data-driven website for us which is the expression and main tool of our organization's campaign. He is disciplined and highly organized, he brings marketing insight was well as technical proficiency with whatever tools we needed. I know he's made some new tools just to address our unique needs. John is a pleasure to work with.

David De Weerdt

What I'm Doing:

In the first week, I rewrote all their content to be appropriate for sharing on the web, designed a website, and built it with the help of another volunteer to have it ready as close to their official launch as possible.

I've since planned the technical strategy for the national campaign to support leaders, volunteers, and separate petitions from each of Canada's 338 political ridings, and am building and launching new versions of the site weekly.

My Trello board, a week after joining:

One of the interesting requirements was that we needed each riding leader to have their own volunteer email list, which meant having 338 different volunteer email lists and training 338 volunteer leaders how to use a system for mailing. MailChimp wouldn't do.

The solution was to hack a self-hosted mailout solution so that accounts are automatically created, and leaders can mail out their lists using whatever email service they use, no training required.


As I write this, version two of the site has just launched, and we're gaining traction in our test city, with over 1,000 signatures, over 90 volunteers, and major national endorsements starting to come in.

If you're in Canada and want all votes to count, please visit and sign the petition. It will look up your riding when you type in your postal code and put you on the petition for your local MP.