All Votes Count Canada

Why I Vote

Throughout most of my professional carreer, I've tried to do things with technology that created value, made lives easier, and whenever possible, were in some way helping those who I felt were moving the world forward in a positive way. Over the years, my clients have included wind and solar firms, the Green Party of Canada, and I've occassionaly helped in small ways around politics. For example, I created the first online debt clock for the Progressive Conservatives.

Despite that, I have long had some unflatering views of politics and felt that my own vote was mostly wasted. Every Federal election, I voted for a party that didn't have a chance of winning a single seat. I wouldn't call it a protest vote, and I certainly wasn't voting "strategically" in the sense of voting against the party you don't want.

I voted for the party that would most stear the country towards more environmentally sound practices. I voted because every vote for a party gives that party financial resources to grow. And, I voted with my heart because the other parties might change their policies a little to try and win back that segment of the vote.

But, there was no chance of me getting a voice in Parliament.

All Votes Count Canada

That illustrates why I've long been a proponent of proportional representation, which was first introduced to me by the PC's I knew. They were fighting for it when I made that debt clock in the early ninties. It just makes more sense to me that everyone (or as close as we can get to everyone) should have a voice in Parliament, and there are many other benefits as is shown by many studies spanning many decades.

When Tredeau said voting the Liberals into power would bring electoral reform and som kind of proportional representation, I changed my vote for the first time.

Shortly after that election promise was broken, a very well connected friend who I had worked with before recommended me to be the CTO of All Votes Count Canada. When I heard their mission, I jumped right in.

We have grown considerably since then, and are growing daily. They have a specific and well-endorsed proposal for a new type of proportional representation, called Local PR, and a plan to get it in front of Parliament.

Please check out to learn what we're doing, and to help make your vote count, whichever party you vote for.