Hello, I'm John Reel.

Chief Startup Strategist at Swifty Startups

I have been coaching startups for 25 years, helping them plan, execute, and achieve their goals. I've also built my own million dollar startup as a solo founder and invented several universally used Internet software categories.


Photography in-person sales software has been stuck in the 90's. I was tasked to reimagine what it could be with modern design and technology.


"John Reel has been an invaluable resource for All Votes Count Canada. He is disciplined and highly organized, he brings marketing insight..."


"John's knowledge of UX and design gave us a powerful design to implement. He has a deep understanding of how to build a successful..."


"John actively sought out feedback to understand our product, market conditions, and customers, and succeeded in designing..."


Tracker.ly's predecessor, GoTryTHIS, was the first paid redirect service, introduced numerous link techniques, and created an industry.


One of the first grocery delivery companies has been running their entire business on the same software for twenty years and counting.


"I worked for two of his companies where I often witnessed his skill at solving large problems and thinking far outside the box..."