What Is It?

SquareBid was an attempt to displace job bidding services like ThumbTack and TaskRabbit, using a reverse auction bidding model.

My Role:

I was brought in after a considerable amount of money had already been invested into a very difficult to use prototype. They were out of cash and badly needed a redesign to show investors. With an opening in my schedule, I decided to break the rules and work for shares.

John is an excellent contributor to the Squarebid team. His knowledge of user experience and design gave us a powerful design to implement. He has a deep understanding of how to build a successful Internet platform for user experience.

He worked well with all levels of our team to develop our business process flows and complete the design for our mobile app. His contributions went beyond this, as he has contributed in areas of leadership, business logic, development and assessing competitors.

I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a creative mind, team player and experienced designer.

Gobind Singh Khalsa

What I Did:

The initial design reflected the founder's corporate background, with long registration forms and information overload. I redefined their business logic from a two page flow chart to six steps, removed all the barriers to entry, and created mockups for investors and full specifications for developers.

For example, I replaced their registration form with a lazy-login method, allowing people to post jobs without the friction of creating accounts first, which increases adoption by getting people using the product right away.


They got lots of positive feedback from investors, specifically on the design and my improvements to the business logic. I was also offered the job of CTO, which I accepted pending funding. However, the founders were going after VCs instead of angel investors, and the response was always to come back when you have traction. Without further funding to implement the new design, SquareBid shut down.