What Is It?

PhocusPRO is a progressive web app written in Laravel and VueJS, designed to help professional photographers sell much more of their work to their clients, during in-person sales sessions. The current standard in this space is Windows software, difficult to use, and very dated looking.

My Role:

I was brought in after several companies had failed to realize the founder's vision. With minimal instruction, I designed a beautiful app and the founder brought me on as a co-founder to run the company and to keep designing new versions.

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Stephanie Krupicka

What I Did:

I designed over 60 screens for the web and tablet app and about a dozen custom icons. I started with hand-drawn sketches on my iPad, then several iterations of high fidelity mockups in SketchApp, followed by animated prototypes in PrincipleForMac.

I also interviewed, hired, and am managing the developers to create the app and am responsible for the design and copy for the sales site. I'm also planning some innovative growth hacks.


The service will be launching first-quarter 2018.